Dtrovision LLC manufacturers the most advanced line of HDTV connectivity products in the world, sold under the brand name PureLink™. These professional and consumer Digital A/V and PC connectivity products include Integrated and Modular DVI / HDMI™ / 3G SDI Matrix Routing, Switching, Conversion, and Distribution Systems plus Fiber Optic and CAT5 cable systems for reliable long distance HDTV extension. PureLink™ is the informed choice for those who want superior HD connectivity in mission critical applications worldwide.

Founded by Minsoo Park in 2001, Dtrovision has expanded to meet the needs of the explosive digital connectivity market. With the introduction of DVI Link in 2002, PureLink™ successfully entered the DVI / HDMI™ category, bringing new products to market for extending, switching and distributing digital video signals. In 2005, Dtrovision pioneered the world’s first large scale DVI Matrix Router, the now legendary DS-1818M. Dtrovision were then the first manufacturer to successfully route HDCP encrypted 1080p HD content in a true matrix up to 8×8, and our latest modular systems can be scaled up to as much as 320×320.

Today, almost 10 years after Tue S. Andersen started making printed circuits and other electronic equipment in his kitchen zink, Neets has established a highly respected position in Scandinavia and is also beginning to establish its name across Europe as a supplier of control systems for Audio Visual equipment in class- and meeting rooms.

Dtrovision LLC has manufacturing and R&D facilities both in USA and Korea and continues to expand our manufacturing capacity to meet the demands of the rapidly growing market for digital connectivity products. Our technology is deployed worldwide by public, private and governmental organizations. Some of our vertical markets include governments and military organizations, broadcast and post-production facilities, energy sector control rooms, scientific exploration, banking and brokerage, commercial IT, medical imaging and home theater.

From our inception, our priorities have been to offer leading edge connectivity solutions, robust quality, and the highest customer satisfaction. PureLink™ maintain the highest level of quality control in the industry and are always evaluating customer feedback for product improvements. Our tech support and engineering team will answer most technical inquiries within 24hrs.

As a pioneer in digital connectivity product development, PureLink™ work closely with the standards bodies including DDWG, HDMI™, HDCP and IEEE to develop and tailor our products for the needs of system integrators, home theater consumers and AV equipment manufacturers. If the highest reliability and performance matter to you, you are going to choose PureLink™ for your digital connectivity needs.

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