HC-20140417A/V integration in hospitals and medical centers has become a key component of the rapidly-growing revolution of medical information technology. From controlling, sending, and receiving live video feeds from the operating room, to daily training and department meetings, PureLink provides the audio and video distribution systems that are implemented into conference rooms and learning centers – in the next building or a remote site thousands of miles away.

  • C-Auditoriums-2Auditorium

    PureLink provides connectivity solutions to integrate a wide range of video devices with digital displays and audio systems. Set up pre-show/game, during the event, and post-show/game stages, performance areas, or exhibition areas with direct control through PureLink’s iCON interface or third-party control.

  • C-HDVideoHD Video Conference Room

    Correctly managing multimedia distribution is also an essential part of most decision-making processes in corporations and small businesses, as participants share data and lead presentations in a team or board meeting. PureLink’s powerful line of presentation systems and components provides the solution for today’s communication needs, while offering the flexibility to respond to changes in technology.

  • C-OperationOperation Center

    A/V integration in operating rooms has become a key component of the rapidly growing revolution of medical information technology. Increasingly, surgeons are looking for the most efficient methods of controlling, sending, and receiving video imagery from the operating room. PureLink’s innovative audio/video switching and distribution systems provide flexible solutions for routing HD-SDI signals efficiently and seamlessly.