Digital Signage

Digital-20140416Digital signage is one of the most powerful and impactful forms of advertising there is. Today, more and more retailers are choosing digital signage solutions to communicate quickly and effectively with their customers – through messaging that is both interactive and compelling. PureLink has the audio/video signal management system that is flexible enough to meet the design needs of any retail environment.


  • C-RetailRetail

    Retail chains desire unique digital-quality sights and sounds that appeal directly to a range of customers. Audio/video equipment, environmental controls and security systems can operate automatically and are easily managed by employees on-site, as needed. Top-level managers have the option to monitor the system at one or multiple store locations.

  • C-EventsEvents & Large Venue

    PureLink provides connectivity solutions to integrate a wide range of video devices with digital displays and audio systems. Set up pre-show/game, during the event, and post-show/game stages, performance areas, or exhibition areas with direct control through PureLink’s iCON interface or third-party control.