WiPS510 from Teq AV IT allows wireless presentation,
screen mirroring and collaborating solutions
for business, education, healthcare and various
markets. AirPresent driven devices allow multiple
users to present simultaneously and collaborate
using their computers smartphones, and tablets to
any display.
In any Corporate, Academic, or Organizational
setting the users prefer a simple, fast, and user
friendly system for meeting, training or teaching
purposes. AirPresent is the ideal solution for that.
It eliminates bulky cables, numerous connection
points and expensive equipment and instead
provides a complimentary solution.
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Product Description


  • Enterprise grade

SNMP Management Utility

IT administrators can easily manage multiple TEQ wireless devices presenters remotely. By enabling SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), all devices can be managed and configured through the network.

  • Fast and speedy playback

Smooth video playback for full motion video

With its proprietary compression algorithm and video processing you can watch your favorite movies, training videos or streaming videos from internet as full motion video by switching to Speedy mode even using default browsers or default playback applications.

  • HD and High-resolution

Enjoy presentation or video in high-definition

With HDMI output at 720p easily connect to HD display at 16:9 widescreen aspect ratios or connect to a standard 4:3 letterbox or widescreen 5:4 aspect ratio via VGA (DB-15)connector with most popular resolutions of XGA, WXGA and WXGA+.

  • Scaling and fitting to most computers

Bring on most popular computers and it will show up right

No matter what resolution the computer is set, the screen will fit on attached screen with its scaling feature. It adjusts the various aspect ratios of 4:3 or 16:9 or 5:4 in conjunction with attached projector, LCD display or monitor.

  • Audio and video sync

Never feel separated by sound and vision

Most of time the audio is not required at the display, but what about multimedia presentations during video playback? The WiPS510 powerful processing allows maintains synchronization so your presentations are flawless



  • Driverless utility for connection

Get presenting or mirroring without any potential conflicts

The WiPS510 connects to notebook computers or mobile devices by a small and robust application utility that launches right away and runs smoothly unlike the drivers that competing products make every user install and create potential system issues.

  • Ready in seconds

Setup is easy 3 steps so start to show source on display faster

After physical connection with display and network configuration, download utility from WiD510’s webpage or provided Plug N Show USB Token and install in less than 15 seconds before projecting screen.

  • No online account or web-based download

Get connected without downloading or registering on internet

Unlike other Streaming or Play or Mirroring devices WiPS510 does not require one to establish or validate personal user account, neither register online nor download anything from internet for presenting on big screen.

Custom Power-on Messaging

Inform connecting audience with graphical message or personalize greeting screen

Customize the default OSD screen seen at power on of projector or LCD Display or TV or Plasma with brief instructions for connecting, projecting or contacting IT / facility support staff. Create brand image by personalizing with Corporate or organization logo.

  • Collaboration both ways

20 to 1 screen or 4 in 1 display

Without running a single VGA or HDMI cable, extender or switcher, connect up to 20 mobile computing device users to the big screen, one at a time or up to four users at same time with click of a button.

  • Conference Control

Make the lessons or training interactive and fun at no additional cost

WiPS510 connects wirelessly or via LAN connection to students or trainees so the instructor has full control to choose who to connect, one at a time or four at a time on same screen. Even in conference the moderator can control the display of which computer with browser based application.

  • Session Control

Protection against accidental screen projection

Before you show the screen of connected computer, WiPS510 could confirm user to enter 4-digit login code that is visible on top of welcome screen. This login code prevents accidental mirroring of screen and it can be set as randomly generated or kept specific to the room / device.


  • Multi format network compatibility

Wired Ethernet or 802.11 n/g/b wireless

WiPS510 connects client laptops via wired Ethernet 802.3 standards or wireless 802.11 n/g/b network standards using 15 Mbps to 120 Mbps depending on NIC (network interface card).

  • Long range operation

50 meters for Wifi and 100 meters for Ethernet

With its wireless access point client mode or access point generation mode, client computers can connect to WiD510 within 50 meters or if part of wired LAN, WiD510 can connected from 100 meters range.

  • Secured & Encrypted traffic

Maintain or create wireless or networked security.

Wireless presentation is secure, the WiPS510 fits into existing simple to enterprise-grade secured network infrastructure with its support for industry standard multiple levels of security of 64-bit or 128-bit WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption.

  • Remote management for multiple devices

User-friendly SNMP protocol based utility

When multiple WiPS510 are installed in wired LAN or Wireless data network, the administrator can manage all devices via simple user friendly application without having to walk from room to room.

  • Reliable 24/7 operation

Latest chipset and robust design provides

WiPS510 provides peace of mind for owners, managers and network administrators that device will be ready round the clock to allow connection and presentation. Always available.

  • Ready for future

Advanced design but can be easily upgraded

With its state of the art hardware, WiPS510 keeps up to date with new developments in Computer, Display and Networking world by firmware upgrade through admin webpage.


  • Standalone or Integrate into existing AV System

Maintain or create wireless or networked security

Wirelessly present to most of TV, LCD Monitor, LED Display or projector without any cable, table boxes, wall plates, switchers or any proprietary and expensive equipment. Just connect to big screen wirelessly and enjoy flexibility and freedom.

  • Wireless Projector, TV or Display adapter

Quickly, easily convert existing or new display for wireless presentation functionality

Add WiPS510 to any existing projection / display screen to share video, audio, data and presentations without spending anything on cables or labor. Give access to the shared resource for facility to one, many or selected group via wireless Wi-Fi or IP LAN network connectivity.

  • Complete Presentation tool

Video, Audio, Extended screen, Overlay

In addition to displaying main screen, WiPS510 allows one to send extended screen. One can enable advanced capture mode to show overlay Mouse pointers or pop-up text on connected big screen. Most important is that WiPS510 can send audio along with video to connected display or amplifier or speakers.

  • New Installation or Upgrade

Flexibility, Versatility and affordability

WiPS510 allows to have a flexible unified communication – stand alone wireless presentation system  or  via existing wireless network. WiPS510 is versatile with its compatibility with most displays, most computers and almost all networks. Install new or upgrade existing TV or Projector to wireless or over IP capability instead of buying new display with built-in adapters that are difficult to use in everyday use because they embed older technology of low cost.

  • Advanced and customized design

Hardware, operating system and software

Anyone can provide PC 2 TV technology products but no one can compare it with WiPS510 with its latest video processor, reliable and integrated Linux operating system and unparalleled simple, easy to use interface and software that have been perfected from 2006.

  • PowerPoint and Keynote ready

Supports integrated important features of presentation software

WiPS510 is ready for widely used presentations applications like Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, Pro Presenter including enhanced features of Main /extended screen, embedded Video, Audio and pop-up text overlay box.

  • Trusted solution by thousands of users

Businesses, Corporations and Educational facilities

Many medium to small businesses and even small offices use WiPS510 as single presentation device with installed displays. Many Universities, Colleges, Schools, churches, medical offices, banks, law firms and even home users also have embraced WiPS510 for easy and fast connection of laptops, Macbooks and mobile tablets.



School University : Projector or Plasma displays shared by teacher and/or students without wires or any additional hardware at a low price. Easy to get started since there is not CD required for installation.
Meetings/Presentations : Share and display presentations or training without any wires. Also make announcement and display schedules.
Auditorium : Run computer video without any wires to projector or plasma. Greet incoming guest and display information and schedules.
Rental and Staging : Setup events and meetings without any wires. Make special announcement and provide information.
Tradeshows : Exhibit marketing materials without any wires. Use any display with a standard VGA connector.
Banks/Financial : Make proposals and presentations among multiple associates or provide consultation. Show local News and make company wide announcements.
Digital Signage : Run non-video digital signage or information communication system. Show PowerPoint slides or images.
Home : Work on a big screen without wires and share display. Use your computer in your office on the big screen in the front room.
Industrial/Manufacturing : Make daily announcements and provide safety notices to keep staff informed and safe.
Monitoring : Add video presentation to an exhibit without wires. Greeting incoming people and guide them.
Gallery/Museum :
Data Center : Keep the staff informed with the latest information using just the WiD130, a big screen display, and your laptop.
Call Center/Training Center : Post information and training materials wirelessly. Easy to setup and use in any environment.
Legal/Insurance : Display rates and announcements with just the click of a button. Keep staff or customers informed.


Video Output VGA on HD-15 (D-Sub 15) or HDMI 19-pin connectors for any projector or LCD/LED display
Audio Output Stereo output on 3.5mm stereo plug
Video Output Resolution SVGA, XGA, WXGA, WXGA+, 720p
Output Mode Full screen or 4×1 split-screen collaboration mode
Connection method Connect N Show via single click for installed software utility Plug N Show for Guest or Visitors via provided PNS Token (Adapter / Dongle) Conference Control via Browser-Base utility
Connection mode Wired /Infra-structure through existing wired Ethernet (10/100 Mbps) Lan network Wired (Wifi 802.11 n/g/b) AP-client through existing Access point All-in-one Presentation device + wireless access point (Wifi)
Network Standards 802.11 n/g/b 2.4GHz for WI-FI, 802.3 10/100 Mbps for wired network connection
Wireless Security Standard 64/128 bit WEP / WPA / WPA2-PSK, AES
Device Management Web base configuration, SNMP utility
On Screen Default screen 1024 x 454 display area updatable via admin utility for customized welcome-splash screen
Supported Operating System Windows 8 pro, 7, Vista or Xp, Mac OS 10.5 or later, Windows Mobile 5/6
Power External Power adaptors 5v DC input 2.5a
Mechanical Dimension: WDH 6.2″x2.6″x1.”(150 x 55 x 22 mm) Weight: 0.55lb (250 gm.)