Serial Splitter 1-4

  • Distributes one RS-232 signal
  • Can be hidden in cable canal
  • User friendly
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Product Description

The Neets Serial Splitter 1-4 gives you the possibility to easy and electronically correct
distribute one RS-232 signal to four identical receivers e.g. projector, LCD or plasma screens.

Imagine a presentation room with four identical plasma screens or four identical projectors
– these devices can now be controlled from one Neets control system via the Neets Serial Splitter 1-4.
If you need to control more than one relay box, this can also be done via the Serial Splitter.

If you project requests control of more than four devices this is also a possibility.
Just add another Neets Serial Splitter 1-4 to one of the output ports on the first Neets Serial Splitter.