Neets Control SieRRa II

P/N 310-0102 (EU – Polar White)
P/N 310-0103 (EU – Anthracite)
P/N 310-0202 (DK – Polar white)
P/N 310-0203 (DK – Anthracite)
P/N 310-0402 (US – Polar white)

  • The best of both worldsControl AV systems via wall panel buttons or mobile device touchscreen.
  • Complete connectivityCommunicates with devices by RS-232, IR, LAN and dedicated I/O.
  • A fully networked systemConnects directly to LAN.
  • Easy to configureConfigure functions with Project Editor software and up load via front-panel USB
  • Built-in web serverAccess all functions from a computer or mobile device.
  • Easy to installConnects quickly with Euroblock and RJ-45 plug-in connectors.
  • Fits inside wall outlet box (DK or EU)No rack-mount or over-ceiling unit is needed.
  • Easy to use Start presentations simply by pressing one button.
  • Flexible designAll eight buttons can be freely configured for any function.

Product Description


In classrooms and conference rooms, Neets Control – SieRRa II eliminates the delays and frustrations caused by misplaced, damaged, and confusing multi-button IR remote controls. With SieRRa II, starting a presentation is as easy as pushing one button on the wall panel – or on the touchscreen of a mobile device such as an iPhone. But SieRRa II does much more, because one button can be configured to not only start the projector and select the video source but also lower the screen, turn off room lights and close room-darkening blinds. Nothing could be simpler!

For advanced users who want access to system functions in detail, SieRRa II also offers extensive control features through its own built-in web server. Using standard web browser and WiFi technology, SieRRa II allows users to create a custom graphical web page for convenient control using a computer or a mobile device (Apple iOS or Android). The graphical interface can be as simple as the wall panel, or it can contain a virtually unlimited number of dedicated buttons for accessing specific menu options.

Whether using the wall panel or a mobile device, SieRRa II provides complete control for projectors, screen relays, DVD/Blu-ray players, amplifiers, tuners, flat panel displays and more. Also, because appearance is often important, SieRRa II offers two panel colors and a choice of frames. Panel graphics can be customized with choice of fonts and addition of a company logo, if desired. In every respect, Neets Control – SieRRa II offers an AV control solution that is elegant, flexible and remarkably easy to use.


Available in Standard AU Flush Mounting with Custom Clipsal 2000 Series Wallplates
Horizontal Mount
Vertical Mount
Neets Control – Sierra II

  • Control via web browser
  • Real-time clock with weekly calendar for preset functions (add-on)
  • RS-232 security alarm (cable disconnected)
  • Neets Bus Expansion for adding another key panel
  • Auto-off using external PIR sensor Level adjustment knob with LED indication (optional)
  • Auto-off using external PIR sensor

New Features:

  • PoE support – Power over Ethernet
  • NEB port – add up to 5 additional devices
  • Configuration in Neets Project Designer 1.5
  • Ethernet control increasedto 10 devices


  1. LAN connection
  2. 12 V input (external)
  3. 2 x Rs-232/IR
  4. 3 x I/O
  5. Neets Expansion Bus (NEB)

Technical Specifications

Communications Ports:

  • 1 X RS-232 (TX and RX)
    Baud: 1200 – 115200
    Data Bit: 7/8
    Parity: None, even, odd
    Stop Bit: 1/1/5/2


  • 2 x RS-232 or 4 IR (TX only)
    Baud: 1200 – 115200
    Parity: None, Even, Odd
    Stop Bit: 1/1. 5/2


  • Transmit
  • 381 Hz – 500 kHz
  • Devices: 2


  • Speed: 10/100 Mbit
  • auto-detect
  • Devices: 5


  • Sense Low: <1 VDC
  • Sense High: >4 VDC


  • Type: Open drain
  • Max Voltage: 24VDC
  • Max Current: 500mA


  • 12V (300mA) output
  • See for NEB info

Dimensions (EU):

  • Width: 55 mm
  • Height: 55 mm
  • Depth: 24 mm


Dimensions (DK):

  • Width: 72 mm
  • Height: 45 mm
  • Depth: 17 mm


  • 90 g


Front panel colours:

  • White, Anthracite

Included in box:

  • 12 V PSU (110- 230V AC)

Item product numbers:

  • 310-0102:
    Neets Control – SieRRa II,
    EU – Polar white
  • 310-0103:
    Neets Control – SieRRa II,
    EU – Anthracite
  • 310-0202:
    Neets Control – SieRRa II,
    DK – Polar white
  • 310-0203:
    Neets Control – SieRRa II,
    DK – Anthracite
  • 310-0402:
    Neets Control – SieRRa II
    US – Polar white