Neets Control AlFa II

P/N 310-0301

  • Rack mounted control systemCompact 1U 19” frame installs quickly in minimum space.
  • Control for complex systemsControl additional equipment such as lighting, audio volume, HVAC and other systems, including level adjustment.
  • Built-in web serverControls all system functions via Apple iOS or Android touch screen devices, or via Safari or Chrome web browsers.
  • Dedicated relays for screen modeMutual blocking ensures screen motor security.
  • Expanded feedback functionsConnect more feedback-capable devices through three bi-directional RS-232 ports.
  • No front panel controlsPrevents unintentional changes by end users.
  • Four test buttonsCheck function of built-in relays, including two dedicated for “screen mode”.
  • LED indicationDisplays status of system power, built-in relays, and communication port activity.
  • Easy programming through Usb, LAN or RS-232.

Product Description

intelligence behind the scene

Neets control – AlFa II provides comprehensive yet intuitive control of complex AV systems in auditoriums and large conference rooms. The largest and most sophisticated controller in the Neets product range, Neets Control – AlFa II installs quickly, is easily programmed, and provides end users with one-touch control of a multitude of AV and additional device functions.

All functions controllable by Neets Control – AlFa II are available via a touch-screen panel on an Apple iOS or Android mobile device, or by a computer running Safari or Chrome web browsers. Custom graphical interfaces for even the most complex control requirements can be quickly programmed using the Neets Project Editor software. All connected devices are controlled through RS-232, IR, LAN or dedicated I/O. With LAN access enabled, complete systems can be controlled from another room or even off site.

The compact, 1U rack mount frame provides status monitoring with front panel LED indicators, and the rear panel allows easy access for connecting all necessary cables for control and programming. Wiring terminations employ plug-in Euroblock connectors (except for a CLIFFCON® connector for screen mode relays), ensuring that installation and servicing of Neets Control – AlFa II will be straightforward, fast and efficient.


Neets Control – AlFA II, P/N 310-0301

  • Controlled via web browser
  • Built-in relays
  • Internal universal power supply
  • Comprehensive LED indication
  • Micro sd card reader slot
  • Real time internal clock
  • RS-232 disconnect security alarm function


  1. 2 x internal relays dedicated for screen mode (240 VAC / 8A)
  2. 2 x assignable internal relays (240 VAC / 8 A)
  3. 1 x dc power output (12 Vdc / 350 mA)
  4. 4 x test buttons (2 dedicated to screen mode)
  5. 1 x 10/100 Mbit lAn
  6. 1 x Usb port
  7. Rs-232 / iR ports
  8. 24 I/O ports, with freely assignable functions including:
    Input: External button panel control, PIR motion sensor, keyboard lock
    Output: External button press indication, external relay control, VGA switcher control

Technical Specifications

Communication Ports:

  • 3 X RS-232 (tx/rx)/ IR (x2)
  • 2 X RS-232 (tx)/IR (x2)


  • Baud: 1200 – 115200
  • Data bit: 7/8
  • Parity: none, even, odd
  • Stop bit:1, 2


  • Transmit
  • 400 Hz – 500 khz
  • Devices:10

24 X input/output:

  • Input:
  • Sense low: <1 VDC
  • Sense high: >4 VDC

Output :

  • Type: open drain
  • Max voltage: 24 VDC
  • Max current: 0.5A


  • Devices: 10

Ac line input:

  • 100 – 240 V

Built-in relays:

  • 4 X potential free (assignable)
  • Power capacity: 240 VAC/ 8 A
  • Note: contact neets for screen sizes above 3 md

Included in box:

  • 1 x 240V IEC cable


  • Width: 437 mm (19″)
  • Height: 44 mm or (1U)
  • Depth: 141 mm


  • 1.9 kg


  • Approval: CE
  • EN 61000-6-1
  • EN 61000-6-2

Item number:

  • 310-0301:
  • Neets Control – AlFa II, black