Take a school caretaker, a kitchen sink and a young electronics engineer, and you have the start of a new pioneering solution. Neets started its adventure on a kitchen sink in a young electronics engineer Tue S. Andersens basement. His employer at the time was contacted by one of the biggest Universities in Denmark whose caretaker was fed up with the profusion of the remote control that interfered with the teacher´s efficient use of the schools Audio Visual equipment.

Mr. Andersen believed he had the solution and started to work on a system that was straight forward to operate and would be placed on the wall so that the control would be within reach all the time.

Today, almost 10 years after Tue S. Andersen started making printed circuits and other electronic equipment in his kitchen sink, Neets has established a highly respected position in Scandinavia and is also beginning to establish its name across Europe as a supplier of control systems for Audio Visual equipment in class and meeting rooms.

Neets differentiate the products from the competitors through the design layout. The control systems are designed to fit directly in both Danish and European standard outlets. Furthermore the control systems can be designed in various layouts with different keyboards and frames.

The systems control all LAN, RS-232 and IR controlled devices — easy and manageable.

Besides control systems, Neets makes a wide range of accessories. Relay boxes, USB switch, RS-232 splitter, and are constantly working on expanding their product portfolio.

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