Neets Case Stories

Neets Control systems can be used in countless ways and all sorts of applications. Here is a collection of case stories that might serve as an inspiration for future installations:

  • Newington College Preparatory School

    Newington College – East Coast Audio Visual

  • san-jose-state-university-106864

    St. Clares Catholic School – East Coast Audio Visual

  • WD40

    WD40 Australia – East Coast Audio Visual

  • Oracle Markham Office

    Oracle, Sydney – Vision X

  • Neets in Grunfos boardroom

    Neets in Grunfos boardroom

  • Blue Water Shipping

    Blue Water Shipping

  • DSB goes all with Easy Connect

    DSB goes all with Easy Connect

  • Furniture with intuitive control

    Furniture with intuitive control

  • Newington College Preparatory School

    Newington College Preparatory School

    Newington College – East Coast Audio Visual

    East Coast AV took the Neets Echo to Newington College for approval in early 2015 and the Echo was received with delight by the school. A simple button controller that met all their requirements for a price that fell well inside their budget.

    To date ECAV have installed over 40 Echo’s into classrooms and there are another 40 devices to be installed. The Echo is being installed in conjunction with the Neets Dual Power Relay which is used to cycle power to the Apple TV units, the Echo is also controlling a Projector, source selection and volume.


    St. Clares Catholic School

    St. Clares Catholic School – East Coast Audio Visual

    St Clares required a simple button controller to control power on/off, source selection and volume via their classroom projector. ECAV offered up the Neets Echo which suited this application perfectly, the Echo has a PIR sensor fitted to the system to ensure the system is shut down once no movement has been detected for a specific period of time.

  • WD40


    WD40 Australia – East Coast Audio Visual

    ECAV were tasked with fitting out the new boardroom at WD40 Australia. In the brief was the requirement for a simple yet effective control system with a stipulation on “nothing complicated”. ECAV chose the Neets Echo as it is as simple as it gets and provided all the control requirements need to complete the installation. The Neets Echo is controlling power on/off, souce selection and volume all via the projector.

  • Oracle Markham Office

    Oracle Markham Office

    Oracle, Sydney – Vision X

    The oracle design brief was written by Umow Lai’s senior AV Consultant, Mal Barnes and the tender for the installation was won by Vision X. Oracle was implementing a series of meeting rooms that required connectivity and control, Mal chose the Neets EasyConnect Sierra connectivity table box with Sierra Control built in. The Neets EasyConnect Sierra provided each meeting room with connectivity for HDMI, VGA, Audio, USB and Dual RJ45 as well as a Neets Sierra button control panel all in one compact table box. Oracle are exceptionally please with the result and will continue to have Neets specified in the future.

  • Blue Water Shipping

    In 2012 a new domicile for Blue Water Shipping was built. The idea was to create an energy-efficient house without using air-condition etc. The house was installed with a very advanced system called CTS, where sensors both outside and inside control the temperature and windows open and close according to the wind direction.

    Furthermore, sun (PIR) sensors control the shading and auto shots if the sunray is too high.The building contains five floors and is divided into 60 zones. Each zone has their own music channel and level control.

    All people are situated in an open office environment and therefore11 conference rooms are installed in different sizes with the possibility of connecting some of the rooms. All conference rooms are fully equipped with HD projector or screens with associated PC, which is hidden in the ceiling.

    ach conference room has their own touch panel, which is controlled by the Neets Control – SieRRa. When a room is activated, the light turns on to: “Meeting session”, the extraction and shading starts, the screens turn on along with the amplifier and PC – the conference room is ready for use immediately.

    All rooms work the same way, no matter what conference room you are using and at the same time – you have access to all of your material online due to the network! Everything is operated with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

  • Control with iOS/ Android tablet. Design your own graphical user interface.

    Control with iOS/ Android tablet. Design your own graphical user interface.

    The Neets Control – SieRRa in every room is connected to the CTS-system and works as a part of this intelligent room control and makes the whole building being controlled by this intelligent integrated AV system.

    Overall, the Neets Control – SieRRa makes is very easy for the end-user to startup a meeting in every room using a touch panel, as the control board makes the solution more flexible.

  • Grunfos

    Rack cabinet with Neets Control - AlFa

    Rack cabinet with Neets Control – AlFa

    Grundfos, one of the world’s leading manufacturer of pumps situated in Denmark, just made a total renovation of one of their buildings which included Neets products.

  • 26 conference rooms in the IT department, were in need of being renovated and established. In addition, they requested similar head offices with AV facilities that also could be useful as conference rooms if necessary. However, it was immediately discovered that it was required to have a common standard for AV equipment in all rooms. Neets has previously been successfully applied before at Grundfos and therefore it was the obvious choice to apply Neets products as a standard solution for the new conference room facilities.

    In the most simple installations in the small offices, a compromise was made and the use of the remote control of the screen was accepted. Neets Control – SieRRa works both as a wall panel with buttons and as a removable touch screen in a user-friendly design.

    Two of the rooms required a more complex installation with Neets Control – ZuLu combined with a touch screen. The Neets Control  – ZuLu is for advanced networked AV Control  and makes it easy to control multiple rooms from a central computer.

    In total – 25 pcs. of Neets Control –  SieRRa were applied in all rooms except the two rooms with the Neets Control – ZuLu and everything has been fully func-tioning since the installation. Delivery has been made by Informationsteknik Scandinavia. Grundfos has always had a positive experience with Neets control panels, since the panels always function without any problems and because they have a user-friendly design which makes them easy to use without any guidance.

  • DSB goes all in with Neets EasyConnect

    he need for simple and user-friendly AV-room control was at the top of the list from DSB (Danske Statsbaner) as they moved into a new domicile in Taastrup, Denmark in the summer 2013. All conference rooms, classrooms and the directors’ offices were equipped with new AV-equipment and DSB needed a simple, intuitive and user-friendly way to use their AV-equipment without the staff had to be trained in how to turn on/off the AV- equipment. Atea Collaboration Solutions (ACS) was the Danish provider and installer of this project and they choose Room Control Panels from Neets A/S due to the user-friendly design and simple solution.
    All directors’ offices have been installed with Neets Control – EcHo, a reliable and intuitive AV-control system that makes it very easy to control a meeting that includes a presentation. With the quick touch of a button, EcHo provides complete control for projectors, screen relays, DVD/Blu-ray players, amplifiers, tuners, interactive boards, flat panel displays etc. The Neets Control – EcHo has been used in nine directors’ offices.

    In all the conference rooms and classrooms the Neets EasyConnect Control – EcHo were chosen as a tabletop solution. One tabletop in all of the small conference room and two tabletops in all the big conference rooms. The Neets EasyConnect Control – EcHo makes it very easy for the presenter to plug in their computer and start the presentation, making it very simple to have complete control over every aspects in the conference room such as projector, screens relays, amplifiers etc. – just by using this tabletop!

  • DSB---mødelokale_4-low_resIn some of the conference rooms DSB needed extra power plugs with 230W and the Neets EasyConnect – Power solved that problem. The tabletop has two power supply sockets and is the offspring of the Neets EasyConnect – Control with the same design and size. This way the AV-solution was more useful for the participants of the meeting, since they now had access to power at the table and the cables were tucked away. Now the meeting participants could focus on the meeting agenda and not spend their time on connecting power or various cables to their laptop.

    Each Neets EasyConnect is fully integrated in the tabletops which makes the edge very smooth and presentable. DSB is very satisfied with the AV-solution delivered by Atea Collaboration Solutions because the functionality and user-friendliness are of a high quality.

  • Furniture with Intuitive Control

    German Holzmedia, manufacturer of top-of-the-line multimedia furniture and Neets is cooperating in the new desk furniture with an integrated PC and screen – the X6 Hide Desk.
    The furniture is designed and build by Holzmedia and Neets has supplied with the Neets Control – QueBec.

    Getting a VGA signal either from the integrated PC or from an external notebook the Neets Control – QueBec switches the display on and make the lift mechanism work, raising the screen from the desk. Holzmedia has also combined the lift mechanism and a date lid with sensor touch switches, so by “caressing” the desktop things start to move….

    The Neets Control – QueBec is an intuitive control system without any buttons. The system detects VGA signals from either
    a PC or other devices with VGA, loops the VGA signal through starting – in this case a lift mechanism and switching on the display. The system controls both RS-232 and IR.

  • Holtzmedia1