iMAGsystems has been created from the management and engineering teams involved in introducing the world to Video Over IP delivery with their previous partnership with SVSI, now an AMX brand of Harman. With a deep understanding of the technologies involved in delivering hi-resolution video over standard IP networks, they have amassed extensive working knowledge from years of development work with the engineers at SVSI.

Having thorough understanding of both H.264 and JPEG2000 video compression and knowledge of the deficiencies each one has, it was clear that the next generation technology lay with AptoVision, a Montréal based technology developer. The core components of AptoVision Blue River NT, zero latency and 4K resolution makes it the standard to which all other video over IP technologies will be compared.

  • Best in class
    Lightning uses the highest performing video over IP technology available, we pride ourselves on leading edge solutions our customer want to use.
  • Trusted reliability
    Our products are age tested, heat tested and subjected to countless other test procedures to ensure maximum reliability.
  • Knowledge
    We know our stuff, we understand video over IP technology better than anyone, our years of field experience provides our customers with the assurance they need.
  • Turn Key Designs
    We can customise a solution and deliver a complete and tested system, simply plug everything in and be done.

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