WiD510 (all) – v1.0.1.4

WiPS710 (all) – v1.0.0.1

WiD340 – v2.0.1.2 (no longer updated)

WiD340-ENT – v2.0.0.5 (no longer updated)

WiD410 – v4.5.1.0 (no longer updated)

WiD410-ENT – v1.0.0.5 (no longer updated)

WiPS515 – v1.0.0.3 (no longer updated)

WiPS1000 – v1.2.0.5 (no longer updated)

as of 30/10/2015

We support silent install trigger to deploy the WiD.exe software of WiD510-ENT with zero user input required, and zero UI feedback (users have to be completely unaware of the installation and it can’t trigger a restart) by administrator.

Following are available options:

Runs the installer in silent mode (The progress window is displayed)

Very silent mode. No windows are displayed.

Suppress message boxes. Only has an effect when combined with above.

Disables cancelling the installation process.

Prevents installer from restarting the system even if it’s necessary.
The best combination of switches are in this command line:


The colour is set by a pixel colour in your image. You can change this pixel colour without affecting the overall image. Depending on the model you have uses a different pixel.

WiD340 – Top right pixel
WiD440 – Bottom left pixel
WiD510 – Top left pixel

Make sure the following network ports are open:
UDP: 1047, 1048 & 1049
TCP: 1041
1) The –ENT has the ability to connect to the WiD using a name instead of the IP address.
2) The –ENT does NOT scan the network looking for available presenters, the standard version does scan the network and offers a list of devices found. In an Enterprise enironment, there could be a lot of WID’s, so scanning the network could take a while!!
The security key for the SSID being used may have already been used and is now different.
Select the blue information icon and select “Forget this Network”
Now try again to connect.
There are 2 options available to populate the Device List.
Click here for details.
After running the client software you will notice your local speakers are now muted.
*Do not change any of the mixer settings
Use the local application volume control within the media player to change the presented audio level.
WiPS1000 reset button through small hole on bottom of unit.
WiPS710 reset button through small hole on bottom of unit.
WiD510 reset button through small hole on top of unit.
WiD340 reset button under top cover. Remove top cover.

1) Disconnect power to the unit.
2) Locate the reset button for your unit.
3) Insert a paperclip into the hole and hold down the button.
4) Apply power to the unit.
5) Wait until the default splash screen is shown.
6) Remove paperclip.

The MAC ID found on the sticker under your unit is the LAN MAC Address.

To find the WiFi MAC Address you must look in the admin webpage.


www-http: 80
http-proxy: 8080
telnet: 23
ftp: 20, 21
Device Discovery: UDP 5000
The Neets I/O pins will connect to ground when activated.
Refer to this document for wiring options.