Analog Way

Analog Way is an innovation-driven designer and manufacturer, specialized in computer and video signal processing and distribution. Since 1989, Analog Way develops and manufactures a wide range of equipment dedicated to Professional Audio Visual applications:

  • Mixers and Seamless Switchers with edge blending, matrix switching and quadravision capabilities
  • Event Controllers and Remote Keypads
  • High Resolution Video Scan Converters with Embedded Audio
  • Video Scalers
  • Multi-Format Converters

Computer and video Interfaces, Distribution Amplifiers…From the beginning, Analog Way has been a constant pioneer in the industry, developing cutting edge solutions for the Rental & Staging and Corporate & Integration markets. Analog Way’s products are being used around the globe in major venues, board rooms, control rooms, museums, hospitals, houses of worship, as well as military and security installations. Major international Broadcast organizations, including national TV Stations, ENG / production houses, and post-production studios have relied on Analog Way’s advanced technologies for more than a decade. Analog Way’s Headquarters, research, design, and production are located in France, where the company was founded. Since its creation, Analog Way has introduced over 150 innovative products to the Pro A/V market, including internationally awarded and renowned “world’s firsts”. Analog Way’s products are distributed by the company’s direct sales offices (USA, Singapore, United Kingdom, Italy and Germany), or through an extensive network of distributors, dealers and representatives. Analog Way – Dates and facts:

  • 1989: creation of Analog Way
  • 1992: releases SV315, Analog Way’s first Scan Converter
  • 1997: releases Smart Cut, the world’s first Seamless Switcher
  • 1998: opens Analog Way Inc., its subsidiary in New York – USA
  • 1999: releases Graphic Switcher, the world’s first combined Mixer / Seamless Switcher
  • 2002: opens Analog Way Pte. Ltd., its subsidiary in Singapore
  • 2004: releases CentriX, the world’s first combined Matrix / Mixer / Seamless Switcher
  • 2005: releases Di-VentiX, the world’s first Mixer with Embedded Soft Edge Blending mode
  • 2007: releases E70DVI, the world’s first Active DVI Copper Cable up to 70m
  • 2008: releases Di-VentiX II, Analog Way’s Mixer Seamless Switcher with Edge Blending and 4 Scalers
  • 2010: opens direct sales and service offices in the UK, Italy and Germany
  • 2012: Analog Way opens new headquarters near Paris, France
  • 2013: Analog Way unveils the LiveCore series, a new innovative range of Premium Multi-screen Seamless
  • Switchers: Ascender 48, Ascender 32, SmartMatriX Ultra and NeXtage 16

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