Analog Way Success Stories

Whether it is for boardrooms, shareholder meetings or international conferences, Analog Way provides signal processing and distribution solutions with smart functionalities and visual effects to help organizations deliver their message clearly and seamlessly.

Boardrooms / Conferences

Auditoriums, boardrooms, conference rooms and other critical communication environments require smooth and effective visual reinforcement.

Whatever type and number of sources, display systems and organization of visual elements required, Analog Way has the solution to produce high-end effective presentations adapted to your needs:
– Signal processing and distribution of computer (powerpoint presentation from a laptop,…) or video sources (camera feed, DVD or Blu-Ray player,…)
– Various display opportunities: single screen, panoramic screen, multiple-screens,…
– Picture in Picture (PIP), titling, luma or chroma keying, stunning and dynamic transition effects, logo insertion, and many more features…

Analog Way’s High-End Seamless Switchers, Large Venue Presentation Switchers, Native Matrix Switchers, MultiViewers and Edge Blending systems will enable you to easily create impressive presentations. Thanks to a set of smart features and transition effects: Flying PIP, Smooth Move, Dynamic fit and much more, your message will not quickly be forgotten.

Security systems are important for more and more companies. Analog Way provides solutions to have an accurate view of your camera feeds and monitor them easily, ensuring the effectiveness of your security system:
– Display of a multiple security camera feeds in high resolution
– Make the security cameras compatible with the LCD panels in the control room
– Record information from your security center using SD or HD video feeds

Analog Way’s MultiViewer systems and Scan Converters provide reliable and affordable solutions for your security center.

In addition, Analog Way offers a complete range of drivers and programmer’s guides to take full advantage of the flexibility and performance of its processors.

Success Stories

  • Analog_Market1Scottish Sports Awards with Eikos²

    VisionEvents is a leading event production agency offering full design, management, and audio visual talent for events across England. The company produced the annual Scottish Sports Awards event at Glasgow Thistle Hotel in December 2014. Hosted by the famous journalist Jim White, the ceremony celebrated excellence throughout Scottish sports, recognizing athletes and teams for their outstanding achievements throughout the year. VisionEvents successfully entertained attendees, showcased sporting heroes, and created a memorable night for all involved.

    The stage consisted of three LED screens at 5.4×2.3m each, resulting to an impressive 17m wide LED backdrop. The three LED screens worked independently to showcase graphic animations, video clips and live camera footage, and together to display moving content across all three for dramatic effect. Screen content was driven by two Avolites AI media servers (main and backup) distributing the content across three separate outputs. Other sources included VT playback from various Macs and three live camera feeds.

    VisionEvents chose to use three Analog WayEikos² multi-layer Hi-Resolution Mixer Seamless Switchers based on the Midra™ platform. The Eikos²s were used to set screen presets for the show, each one feeding a different LED screen. Eikos²switchers were ideal for an award show of this size and profile; scaling content to fit the screen aspect ratios. Eikos² and HD inputs ensured a quality finish resolution”, explains Andy Arneil, Project Manager at VisionEvents.
    To control the Eikos², VisionEvents chose to use Analog Way’s Axion2 controller:“The Axion2 controller was ideal for ensuring the continuity of show content regardless of the multiple layouts and combinations possible. The Axion2 controller enabled us to assign a preset to every potential layout and create back-ups if required”, added Arneil.

  • Market_Analog4WOW effect guaranteed with the Ascender 32

    The International Association of Movers, a global association of 2,000 company members, hosted its Annual Meeting at the Marriott Orlando World Center that gathered 1,200 people.
    American Audio Video, the Rental & Staging company chosen for the project, designed a demanding setup for this event. They created a stunning stage composed of a large 16’x95’ curved screen, fed by four projectors, plus two delay screens of 9’x16’ fed by one projector each.

    To manage the video processing, American Audio Video tapped Analog Way’sAscender 32 (Ref. ASC3204), a powerful multi-screen Seamless Switcher. As more output capabilities were required to feed the delay screens and the confidence monitors, the LiveCore™ Output Expander (Ref. LOE032) was added enabling four additional outputs on the system. “Adding the LiveCore™Output Expander to theLiveCore™ system was the perfect cost-effective solution. We did not have to add a second switcher just because we needed a couple more outputs”, explains Rick Mathews, Regional Manager at American AV.

    Mathews details how he used the Ascender 32 paired with the LiveCore™ Output Expander: “We used all 8 outputs. Four outputs were used to do the blend on the main screen, one for the delay screens, one for the overflow room and two outputs for the confidence monitors. In total we had 18 sources, 8 sources for the background layer, 2 PlaybackPros, 2 cameras, 2 PC graphics and 2 Mac graphics. There were two display configurations, one background layer and two PIPs and one background layer with one PIP. We also did full screen videos.”

    He also explains why they choose to use the Ascender 32: “We selected theAscender 32 because it is the most flexible and easily configurable device on the market. The show wasn’t very long so we needed something that enabled us to do anything we wanted quickly. Also the device was simple enough to have only one person run it from the control room.”

  • Market_Analog3Ascender 32 utilized to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall

    The Ascender 32 was selected as the main video processor during the commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, held at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on November 9, 2014.

    The huge event gathered thousands of celebrants to enjoy performances by German stars such as DJ Paul Kalkbrenner and Udo Lindenberg. The show was broadcast worldwide.

    The main stage was composed of 6 giant horizontally mobile LED screens measuring 11 x 4.8m each. Throughout the show, the screens moved seamlessly into different positions. Sometimes side by side to accomplish one single massive screen, sometimes separated three by three to surround the Brandenburg Gate, and sometimes completely separated from each other for six individual screens.

    Epicto, the R&S company selected to realize the video system, chose Analog Way’sAscender 32 to manage and process the multiple source content, including live videos, graphics, and video clips. Analog Way’s Ascender 32 is a powerful 12×4+1 multi-screen seamless switcher.
    Bernd Fischer, Technical Manager at Epicto explains his work: ”My assignment was to bring the different sources, sometimes cropped to the single screens, sometimes as a whole 16:9, and sometimes in other configurations to the screen. I often needed six PIPs to display the content, thanks to the Advanced Layer Management feature on the Ascender 32, I was able to quickly add layer capabilities to one output. In addition, with the Web RCS and the ”copy“ function it was easy and quick to create the setup for all six parts of the screen. It was really a pleasure to work with theAscender 32. I felt very safe with it in a worldwide Live TV Show event with hundreds of OB Vans from all over the world broadcasting the show.”

  • Market_Analog2Fortune 500 client senior management meeting with dual Ascender 48s and the Vertige console

    Showbox, a staging company specialized in corporate events, created an outstanding show for its fortune 500 client, in association with the production company W5 Creative. The show was set in Philadelphia for two days in September 2014 and attendees included the entire executive management of the client company with 182 attendees.
    Sean O’Neill, co-owner of Showbox, explains the company’s philosophy: “AtShowbox we think outside the norm, utilize equipment in unconventional ways, invest in gear that offers us the flexibility to adapt quickly to the ever changing environment of a live event and allows a way to always tell the client “YES, we can do that”. So here we created a show that allowed our client to ask for anything they wanted and enabled us to respond to any enquiry.”

    The stage consisted of one main 42.7×11.5’ LED wall with a native resolution of 3328×896, and two 20×11.3’ projection screens surrounding the main screen fed by two 20K projectors. There were also two 46”downstage monitors plus two 80” confidence monitors on truss in the back of the room.
    To accomplish the considerable processing necessary, Showbox chose to link twoAscender 48s (Ref. ASC4806), Analog Way’s powerful multi-screen Seamless Switcher, and control the system through the premium Vertige™ console (Ref. VRC300).
    When linked together, two Ascender 48s share inputs and outputs, thus resulting in an impressive 24×8+2 Scaled Seamless Matrix system with multiple Live Mosaic previews.

    One Ascender 48 was used to do the hard edge blending on the main LED wall and feed the side screens. The second Ascender 48 served to feed all the confidence monitors in the venue. All video content for the main screen was custom created to match the LED wall pixel count. As the main screen feed was split in half, Showboxused a PlayBack Pro with Matrox TripleHead-2-Go output module and two inputs on the Ascender 48 for true pixel for pixel graphic content. A second PlayBack Pro system was used to display video content on side screens at 1920×1080.

    Also connected to the Ascender 48: a backup PlayBack Pro system, a teleprompter feed, as well as DVI and VGA feeds from the stage. In total, 14 inputs of theAscender 48s system were used.
    “Linking together two Ascender 48s using the link cables is very easy and the devices run together as a single 24×8+2 unit. It is very stable and we did not have any problem”, comments O’Neill.