Certes PentaClass is a classroom, auditorium and meeting room voice reinforcement system.

With multimedia system capability PentaClass delivers unparalleled acoustic performance to improve listeners understanding and reduce presenters/teachers voice fatigue by using the smallest presenters wireless microphone on the market today.

Why PentaClass?

Find out why PentaClass is a perfect solution for you.

How much does the children’s knowledge cost? How much would you be ready to pay for improving their knowledge? Do you know which senses dominate during the learning process in the classroom? Which sense is used the most frequently?We know it. And Certes PentaClass is our answer to these questions. By designing PentaClass audio classroom solutions we wanted to create harmony between children, teachers, society, design and technology.


Very often students’ role in the society establishes as early as during the school years – usually the best students sit in the first rows, however, those who are less interested in learning sit in the last rows. And no one notices it, because the teacher cannot follow everything what’s going on in the back rows, however, pupils, who can’t hear the teacher well, wrongly decide that learning is not their cup of tea.Nevertheless, it is possible to break this stereotype by investing the money intended for teaching materials wisely. Thanks to the high-quality audio system all pupils in the classroom will be able to hear and follow the teacher, no matter where they are sitting – in the front or in the back desks of the classroom.What is more, the society won’t have any doubts that all students have an equal access to quality education, and no one will be wrongly labelled only because of the location of his or her desk.Also, the society will be sure about efficient use of money invested in the education system by improving teachers’ health and by using up-to-date technologies – audio and video aids – in the learning process.Certes PentaClass – 21st century investment in education.


According to data revealed by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders of the USA, teachers suffer from voice disorders 32 times more than other specialists, furthermore, this tendency has been rapidly increasing recently. More than 50% of teachers and professors suffer from some sort of voice disorders. It derives from several reasons, including change of students’ behaviour, as students have become louder and more disobedient. And as a result, teachers have to raise their voice considerably so that students could hear them.Actually, teachers’ health and provision of quality education for students are the main reasons for having this special speaker in every classroom. It is easy to use and it can be easily employed in different classroom activities – listening, watching videos, transmitting high-quality sound all over the classroom, or for presenting a new material to students.Thanks to PentaClass teachers don’t have to focus on technical issues – whether they will be heard or not. Now they can focus on what they do the best -“teaching”.


Children are our future and we must be sure that they not only hear what their teacher is telling in the classroom, but they also understand it. Perception of information depends not only on the child’s hearing and concentration ability, but also on background noises, volume of the teacher’s voice and clarity of the teacher’s speech, as well, it depends on the place where the child sits in the classroom if there is no audio system installed which distributes the sound evenly in a 3600 radius.Children spend about 75% of their time engaged in listening activities at school. Mental fatigue occurs if listening takes place for long periods. Certes PentaClass audio system enhances learning by delivering high definition sound for superior voice clarity.Studies carried out in the USA and in other countries reveal that on average 33% of children have a hearing problem, however, in many countries pupils do not even have regular hearing check-ups.Certes PentaClass is designed by taking into account the aforesaid facts and many other factors.


We combined our knowledge and the latest technological achievements to create a classroom audio system that is very close to being perfect: high performance 2.4GHz wireless microphone, an acoustically correctly created phase inventor and a specially shaped cone which allow to distribute the sound omnidirectionally in a 360 degree radius in the classroom, as well a Class D amplifier with programmed audio presets – voice, multimedia and music.PentaClass microphone transmitting CD quality sound without any time delay so teachers voice is pristine and clear.The remote control can be used for Certes PentaClass A, AB and ABM versions to adjust the volume, however, the ABM version additionally has a microphone with a remote control functions.


One of our priorities when creating Certes PentaClass was its design. It had to be functional, modern, austere and unique. Our team designed PentaClass in the shape of pentagon to meet all these criteria and of course to promise the best sound distribution in the classroom.Its pearl white colour will fit in any interior design and its durable body made of plywood, aluminium and plastics promises constant sound quality for many years.We also created the smallest microphone in the market for classroom audio system. It’s size is just 60x25x13mm and it weighs just 20 grams. It is compatible with tablet, laptop, smartphone and other devices with Bluetooth connection. It is easy to set up and use.

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