Launching Australia’s first and only zero latency video over IP product

Axis AV News

Introducing Australia’s first and only Video over IP manufacturer, iMAGsystems.

iMAGsystems has partnered with Montreal based technology company, AptoVision to pro-
duce Lightning, an uncompressed, zero frame latency Video over IP system using CAT6A,
the first of it’s kind in Australia.

Lightning delivers HDMI video up to 4k resolution together with RS232/IR control and gi-
gabit ethernet over 10gig networking infrastructure. It is ideal for routing computer video
data through venues and corporate facilities using existing or stand alone networks. The
benefit of using off the shelf standard networking switches compared to proprietary sys-
tems is ease of deployment, reduced maintenance and cost savings.
iMAGsystems Lightning, uses superior AptoVision Blue River NT technology with zero
frame latency. Lightning is an uncompressed technology, it has zero artefacts, and can
transport all common video standards from VGA (640×480) all the way through to 4K
Exclusively distributed in Australia and New Zealand through Axis AV, they have partnered
with Utelogy, a cloud based control company to provide 12 months free subscription to
Utelogy’s AV as a service offering. This provides the installer with a GUI control interface
for controlling Lightning, projectors or any other devices in the installation as well as re-
mote monitoring and asset management, a value add feature for organisations with Net-
work Operation Centre facilities.

Media Contact: Gerry Raffaut, Axis AV
Phone: (03) 9752 2955