• Convenient, easy to install cable retraction system for CNK200, CNK221 interconnect box and stand alone
  • Simple operation for AV connectivity
  • RJ-45 compliant coaxial cable
  • CNK200 supports four MINI-ME RT300-145 units
  • CNK221 supports two MINI-ME RT300-145 units
  • Tested to 10,000 retracts
  • Mounting kits sold separately

Product Description


The RT300-145 offers a solution for managing network cables at any conference or boardroom table. The cable assembly was designed to provide optimum performance.


The RT300-125 offers a solution for managing HDMI cables. The cable assembly was designed to deliver high definition video and audio to a switcher or a display. The HDMI cable contains a built-in amplifier to maintain HDMI signal integrity. The RT300-125 has 4.0 ft of retractable cable and 4 ft of fixed length cable. The cable and the retractor have been tested to over 10,000 extensions/retractions. The AC200-125 and AC221-125 mounting hardware securely mounts the cable retractors to CNK200 and CNK221 table top units.