• Digital signage is one of the most valuable tools in retail marketing today, improving a customer’s overall shopping experience while simultaneously boosting sales and adding value to a retailer’s message.
    In the example below, a retailer connects to their existing network with SVSi’s voLANte VRR104 decoders, which are connected to HD LCD displays. Utilizing the Local Play feature in the VRR104, they displayed targeted strategic imagery to promote products and specials to their customers. In addition, they used a voLANte VDR106R Networked Digital Video Recorder to periodically broadcast streaming video and deliver high-level marketing messages.

  • The solution: The voLANte solution was implemented with 10 six-input transmitters and 200 receivers connected to three managed network switches with the entire system occupying 13 rack unit spaces at the head-end. A single CAT5e cable runs from the switch to each bank of displays, where the receivers are daisy-chained while retaining full matrix switching capabilities. A 58×194 AV matrix switches content to displays ranging from 30″ LCD’s to large format projectors throwing a 39-foot image.