• Teleconferencing has emerged as a practical and economic business tool for organizations and businesses to communicate over long distances. Used judiciously and strategically, teleconferencing can result in better employee productivity and long-term travel and corporate savings for companies.
    However for corporations with campuses containing large numbers of conference rooms in multiple buildings it is expensive to install teleconferencing codecs in each individual conference room considering that only a small number of teleconferences are likely to be underway at any one time.
    A practical solution increasingly adopted by Fortune 500 companies is the creation of a codec ‘farm’ in a secure, central location on campus with a means to connect a suitably- equipped conference room to a codec on an as-needed basis. In this scenario a small number of codecs can be made available to a large number of conference rooms

  • A conference room queries the codec farm to identify an idle codec and then the video and audio feeds are routed to the codec with the corresponding output routed back to the conference room’s display or projector. This solution requires high-quality bi- directional video and audio feeds on the corporate local-area-network (LAN) from each conference room to the codec farm – a much more cost-effective solution than placing codecs in each conference room.
    SVSi’s voLANte system’s ability to provide decentralized matrix switching using standard network infrastructure and protocols makes this concept an affordable and practical reality. Installing voLANte AV encoders and decoders in both the conference room and the codec ‘farm’ and implementing SVSi’s control software to connect a specific conference room to a specific codec has proven to be an easy-to-install and easy-to- maintain method of providing teleconferencing access for large corporate campuses.
    The voLANte system also includes DVRs for record and playback of teleconferences using SVSi’s secure and visually-lossless JPEG2000 format – these can also be located in the central codec ‘farm’.